Jacinta Luz was born in Mozambique. She attended primary school in Sidvokodvo, a city in Swaziland, Southern Africa.

She also took a hairstylist and another one on stage performance for young models. Her mother was working in the fashion business, a fact that helped her to walk passerelles showing some of her mother’s creations.

In Albergaria-a-Velha, in the center of Portugal where she worked teaching primary school kids for one year.

She created a space to produce wool puppets and she promoted a successful sportive line called the White Panther (in English, White Panther). She also recreated ancient dresses and accessories for stage scenarios.

She lived in Lisbon, where she attended a school for fashion stylists and she started an atelier to develop her fashion line called “Rubilú Confections”. This atelier was located at the Amoreiras Mall (in Portuguese: Amoreiras Shopping Center). She owned a chain of boutiques where she sold her collections, and she trained young girls to present her dresses on fashion shows. Her Rubilú line was distributed in the whole country, in many different places in Portugal such as Sabugal, Souto, Paul, Óbidos, Lisbon and Faro.

In 1992, after what she felt like a message from God, she suddenly abandoned her commercial activity and started her work as a writer.

She decided to move to Spain (Barcelona), where she lived with a friendly old lady who was a writer. Due to a dream, she returned to Portugal and, again in Albergaria-a-Velha, she continues to write; by this time she had already finished seven books, but only in 2004, she started publishing them. In 2003, she co-founded Publishing House, Life Light Publishing, Ltd, in Coimbra. To this day, she is a partner of this Publishing House.

During the period starting in 2004 and until 2012, she gave talks in several countries such as Brazil, UAE and Germany.

In April 2014, she founded in Dover, Delaware, USA, the Divine Cities Foundation whose aim is to inspire Paradise Builders, following the slogan:
“Together, let us take our Being, our Place and our City and make them divine.”

In 2015, she created a small “Hotel de Charme”, as it is called in French, whose name is “Wake up with Siso” (in English: Wake up with Wisdom). Here, in the near future, she intends to organize oracular creative writing courses. This will be done together with national and international groups of writers.

The website is being prepared to operate with a random system which will be working with several oracular sentences for self-help.

These sentences will be available in five languages; it will be possible to download the system into cellular phones, using the Android program. This oracle system will be able to work offline too.

Soon, Light Compass expects to start the Divine Cities Foundation activities, both in Portugal and the USA.